Imagining Your Program

We partner with community organizations to bring the experience of art to their clients. And, we are interested in partnering with you.

As part of our partnership agreement, we meet with you to discover your needs. Then we create a program that is intended to meet specific outcomes for your clients. These can range from doing artwork that creates a fun environment, fosters improved self esteem or uses techniques that help to improve mobility.

During our initial consultation we will ask the following:

  1. Who the intended participants are?
  2. Do they have special food or accessibility requirements?
  3. Art elevates moods and most people find it calming. Are there additional benefits you want to strive for with the program? Click here to review the many benefits of art..
  4. Do you envision a one-day workshop, or a multi-week program?
  5. Is there a location at your headquarters where workshops can take place?
  6. How large is this location?
  7. Are there tables and chairs in this location? If so, how many?
  8. Will some of your staff be supervising and participating in the program?
  9. Is there an opportunity for our partnership to showcase participant work?
  10. What is the total budget for this program?

After our discussion, we will submit a partnership proposal for your review. This will also give an outline of our suggested artistic program as well as the costs associated with it.

We want to work with you. Please contact us.