Board of Directors

Michael Gundry, Chairman of the Board

Michael Gundry has been involved with Art With A Heart from its inception, providing support both in the formation of the charity as well as assisting with the various activities and programs. He was appointed Chairman of the Board in Fall 2011.

Michael is a Licensed Engineer and Certified Project Manager with Stantec. In this capacity, he oversees a group of engineers and technicians who specialize in water and wastewater treatment. As part of his professional activities, Michael is a conference speaker and he chairs an industry subcommittee, focussing on helping smaller communities in Ontario manage drinking water.


Jacquie Horvat, Treasurer and Co-founder

Jacquie Horvat is the treasurer and a co-founder of Art With a Heart Inc.

As treasurer, Jacquie monitors donations, cash flow and expenditures and helps to implement the organization’s strategic plan in a fiscally responsible manner. She ensures that transactions and submissions are completed in a timely fashion and with integrity.

She is widely recognized as a detail-oriented person and spent the last 20 years working in the finance departments of large companies including Phillips Electronics, TSN, Digital, Compaq and Hewlett Packard. For these companies, she worked in credit and collections, ensured that accounting practices followed generally accepted practices and that transactions were legitimate and could bear scrutiny.


Angela Brown, Board Member and Artist in Residence for mixed media, singing and dance

During the day, Angela Brown is a surgical assistant with a large dental practice in Ajax. In her spare time, she is a part-time student, a working artist, a board member and a facilitator for Art With A Heart. She dances multiple forms including tap, hip hop, jazz, worship, indigenous contemporary, masked and storytelling. Recently, she added face and body painting and wire art to her artistic repertoire, which includes being a mixed media artist.

For Angela, Art With A Heart is about working with people to help them heal themselves. Before joining the arts-based charity, she ran a one-on-one talk therapy group through Community Living for COPE, the mental health agency. She also ran an art program for Lakeridge Health in Oshawa, where she worked with elderly people who had experienced a stroke or had some level of dementia. Her volunteer work also included travelling to Cambodia and Malawi on trips to help people. Angela is trained in suicide prevention, communications skills and facilitation.


Kim Mather, Board Member and Artist in Residence for textiles and fabrics

Kim Mather is a fibre and textile artist as well as an educator. Her calming ability to share information encourages people to tap into their creativity and experiment with techniques that may be new for them, but in fact draw on traditions that go back generations.

Kim’s work with free-motion embroidery is based upon skills that have been practised for hundreds of years, and have been adapted for use in quilting and thread painting. They now form part of the artistic expressions taught by Art With a Heart. The technique uses a sewing machine travelling through fabric or another suitable medium, and instead of using a sewing guide to create straight lines of stitching, the fabric is turned, shifted and stretched to allow random, curved and decorative stitches that transform the work into art.



Sheri Gundry, Artist At Large and Executive Director

Sheri Gundry is a commissioned working artist, a mentor, a teacher, and a performance artist. She is also the Executive Director for Art With A Heart. As a multidisciplinary artist, she is the creative lead for the charity and functions as Artist-At-Large, helping people in the Durham Region through art. The charity runs programs that teach art techniques to people, including those who are at risk due to poverty, who have a learning disorder, and people who are living with illness. Some participants have gone on to become emerging artists. All of them have experienced personal growth and transformation through increased confidence, improved self-esteem, and newly developed working skills.

Sheri’s creative work is expressed in a variety of media – pencil, pastel, marker, watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, water-soluble oils, face and body paint and her specialty, modern batik art. She is often asked to paint live at galas and conferences.

Her art has been presented at Whitby’s Art by the Lake, the Oshawa Arts Association (OAA) Fall Art Festival, Whitby’s Station Gallery, The Mental Health Sciences’ The Conference Place, the McLean Centre in Ajax, and Brooklin’s Art in the Park among more than a dozen other notable locales. As Sunflower the Clown, she performs at events and conducts face and body painting sessions.

Sheri has been honoured with the 2007 Mayor’s Award for “The Pebble” at the 9th Annual PRAC Juried Art Show, and she won the July 2010 Top Ten People’s Choice Award for “On The Way Home” at The Conference Place Gallery show Intersection. She has completed commissioned work for the Nelson Mandela Fund and for Durham Tourism and been a guest juror for the 2010 Discovering Hope Art Show at the Ontario Shores Art Gallery. In 2011, she earned her Artist-Educator – Level One certificate from the Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through the Arts program (LTTA). In addition to her role with Art With A Heart Inc., Sheri is a two-term executive board member for the OAA. Click here for Sheri's full bio...