About Us

“Each of us has a spark of life inside us,
and our highest endeavour ought to be
to set off that spark in one another.”
Kenny Ausubel, social entrepreneur, journalist, filmmaker

At Art With A Heart, we believe people can ignite greatness in each other, and that it can be sparked through both the experience and the appreciation of art.

Art With a Heart Inc. is a charitable organization focused on helping people through the process of creating and appreciating art.

Our working-artist facilitators share their skills and talents to help people find their creativity. During this process, participants develop stronger, more positive relationships. These new bonds and an increased confidence help people live to their full potential.

When people ignite their creativity, they brighten their lives.

Our services:

Our core services are comprised of programs and workshops. We run multiple sessions each year. Some are intended for the general public, while others may be specialized for groups.

Our fundraising efforts help promote art and artists. These special galas and events also build awareness about social issues. Donated funds give people the opportunity to improve their lives by experiencing art. This may give youth an opportunity to attend art classes. It may help an artist learn a new artform. It may enable a person to continue their education. It may help someone start a new creative career.

Art With a Heart Inc launched in 2009 and became an official charity in March 2010. Since then, we have facilitated multiple youth programs, developed a half-day women’s workshop, and helped children in orphanages in the Ukraine.

During 2012, we are interested in developing partnerships with community organizations to bring art to:

  • community members who want to experience art
  • youth at risk;
  • mothers who need stable and sustainable housing;
  • people who live with cancer; and
  • seniors and their families.

The ability to thrive is within each of us.

Art can be used as a catalyst to help bring about steady, progressive and transformational change.

At Art With A Heart, we believe people can join together through art to create opportunities for each other and build a stronger community.

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Many thanks to our sponsors, funders and partners